Who we are
Techkriti is the annual international, technological and entrepreneurial festival organized by the students of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Etymologically, the word 'Techkriti' is composed of two words; 'Tech' in English which stands for technology and 'Kriti' in Sanskrit stands for creation. Hence, the word 'Techkriti' signifies creation or innovation in technology. Techkriti was first held in 1995, and has since grown into one of the largest technical festivals in Asia. The festival is held over four days every March and attracts participants from every corner of the country as well as from abroad, comprising a total footfall of over 40,000 from all over India and abroad.
Fierce and neck to neck competitions in various fields such as Robotics, Electronics, Business, Design, Coding, Aeromodelling, Online events (Crypto, Stocksim etc.) and Rubik's Cube are just one facet of the festival. We also have guest lectures and exhibitions to inspire the students to take that extra step towards innovation.
Techkriti hosts one of the largest exhibitions of its kind in India, bringing in exhibits of diverse genres from all over the world under one roof to create a mesmerizing experience for you, irrespective of your age and interests. World's most advanced and recent technologies built in the foremost research facilities like ETH Zurich, Cornell University, Aldebaran Robotics, along with the country’s defense technology exhibited by the DRDO grace the festival. Some other names that have also mesmerised the junta during the festival includes Moogies, The Decelerator Helmet, Virtual Archery and the list doesn't end.
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
Ex-President, Republic of India
commonly known as the Missile Man of India
Linor Abargil
Miss World, 1998
Dr. K. Radhakrishnan
Former ISRO Chief
Man behind the Mangalyaan mission
Dr. Hamid Karzai
Hon'ble Former President of Afghanistan
Marshall Strabala
Chief Architect of Burj-Khalifa
Jeff Libermann
Host, Time-warp, Discovery Channel
Richard Stallman
Founder of the GNU PROJECT
Rakesh Sharma
Astronaut and First Indian in space
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